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Bel Bambini Guide to Gift Giving

Help with gift giving

Picking the perfect present can seem daunting.  How much should you spend?  Should you get creative or stick to the registry?  How do you know what they’ve already received? 

Before buying for your friend or family member, read our gift-giving guidelines below.  You’ll take the concern out of shopping and make sure the mommy-to-be gets what she really wants and needs. 


  • Don’t worry about what you spend.  Choose an amount based on what you can afford and how close you are to the couple.  And don’t compare your gift to those of other guests.  Your friend or family member is happy just having you share in their joy.   
  • Inform the sales consultant or cashier that you are buying from a registry.  If you purchase a gift in our store without the help of a registry consultant, make sure to tell the cashier it is from a registry.  This way they can mark it purchased, and the couple doesn’t receive duplicates.  (Note: Online purchases automatically update to reflect items no longer available.) 
  • Stick to registry selections.  The recipient has put together her registry because those are the items she really wants!  While it may be tempting to think something else may be a better (or more exciting) option, in almost all cases, the parents are happier to have what they asked for.  If you see a new-arrival, or the registry has been picked over leaving little selection, gift certificates are always appreciated, and can be purchased in increments from $25 to $1,000! 
  • Pick priority items first.  People often think the hip accessory items will be most appreciated…or that the guest who gives essentials will be seen as boring.  This is totally untrue.  As mothers, we love getting luxury items.  However, if it’s close to the shower date and the necessities have yet to be purchased, you’ll be the hero when you show up with bedding and the baby thermometer.  
  • Don’t be afraid to ask.  If you are one of the first to buy, or you know the shower guest list is short, don’t be afraid to simply ask the mother-to-be what she wants most.  If she doesn’t end up getting everything on her list, she’ll be happy she received what her heart was set on. 
  • Don’t overlook very large or small items.  Sometimes, the more major or very minor items get ignored.  But these can be the most important items on the registry!  For furniture, consider going in on the gift with another guest; for small selections—like pacifiers, bibs, and other feeding or care items—it’s perfectly acceptable to combine them into a creative ensemble present.  Or better yet, ask us to craft a themed gift basket !  Just call our store or email info@belbambini.com to order. 
  • Consider a little something for the siblings.  The birth can be an adjustment for older siblings who are used to being the center of attention.  Purchasing a small present for a baby’s brother or sister can make them feel included in the celebration. 
  • Don’t take it personally if your present is returned.  Even if you shopped from the registry, sometimes duplicates happen or the mother changes her mind.  Returning your gift simply means the couple is trying to get the items they need most; they are still very grateful for your generosity!

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